Parish Choirs

We are blessed to have two choirs that alternate every two weeks. Both Choirs encourage us in our time of worship. Each Choir brings their own interpretation of worship by the hymns they choose. All of which are always pleasing to listen to and join in.

Altar Servers

There are several vibrant young children who like to serve on the altar and assist the Priest during the services. Its not all prayer though, they also like to enjoy themselves and several times a year we go bowling, or visit the cinema and watch a good film. Who knows what they might want to do this year? Lets wait and see. If you would like to join us serving on the altar come and have a chat with one of us in the sacristy. Don’t be shy!


What is our Catholic faith all about? Who is Jesus? What did he do for us? These are some of the questions we come to grips with in our small group of adults who are searching for answers within the Catholic Faith. We meet once a month to discuss real topics that affect our everyday lives. Check out our newsletter for our next meeting. If you want to know more about the Catholic Faith or would like to become a Catholic then this is the group for you. Come along to our next meeting or make yourself known to the Priest who can help you on your journey to discover our faith in Jesus Christ.

Ministers of Word and Holy Communion

It is so important for our community to have willing volunteers to help deepen our relationship with Jesus. Ministers of the Word are commissioned to read the scriptures during our services. They share with us the depth and breadth of Gods wisdom contained in the Bible.

Like wise there are Ministers of Holy Communion who are commissioned to distribute either the Chalice or the Syborium during a service when everyone who comes forward can receive from both the Syborium and the Chalice and so partake more fully in the life of Jesus.

Church Cleaners and Flower Arrangers.

I don't know about you, but I always delight in seeing a well kept building which shows that a sacred space is well used and cared for. Every week ladies in all three parishes help decorate parts of the church with flower displays which remind us of God’s beauty and his gift of creation. Some people donate their time to hoover and clean the church in order to keep it well maintained and welcoming for friends, family and visitors. They give up their time voluntarily and it is always gratefully noticed by our congregation all the hard work the put in.

The Presbytery,

Our Lady, Star of the Sea,

32 Staithes Lane, Staithes,

North Yorkshire. TS13 5AD

Telephone: 07952 922318

Emergency Contact: 07952922318

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Going into Hospital? Would like a visit?

If you are going into hospital and would like to receive either Holy Communion or the Sacrament of the Sick contact the nurse on the ward and ask to see a Catholic Priest. Or alternatively call Fr. Simon on 07952 922318 and he will come and visit you whilst you're in Hospital.